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Verifying the valid email IDs that belong to actual people is known as Email verification. Email verification is used to ensure that your emails are sent to the recipient's inbox rather than the spam folder. They ensure emails are delivered safely by preventing hard bounces, spam reports, and invalid users by maintaining a hygiene email list, which is achieved by deleting awful emails.

About Comapany
  • ➢ We identify disabled users in yahoo/AOL.
  • ➢ We ensure the SPAM TRAP is identified from your email address list faster than anyone else.
  • ➢ No TOXIC DOMAINS now! We’ll remove all the abuse.
  • ➢ No Spam and bot-created emails in your email list.

Understanding Email Verification and its Usage.

Email Verification is verifying invalid email Ids that are not real and spam listed. The primary goal of email validation is to ensure that you don't have any spam trap addresses that could damage your sending reputation.
An email list verification examines an email address list that sends mass emails to an unintended group of recipients.
You can verify or clean up your email list and reduce your bounce rate by up to 98% using MALtech's online email validation system. Isn't that fantastic?
Email verification is available via our custom API for both single emails and bulk email lists. Our real-time API is accessible in JSON. The API is the most efficient way to validate email addresses for all of your email marketing campaigns. You can also use the email validation API to verify if each user's mailbox is available.
About Comapany


The more you verify, the lower your cost.

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up to 10,000 ₹0.25
up to 50,000 ₹0.22
up to 100,000 ₹0.18
up to 250,000 ₹0.12
up to 500,000 ₹0.07
up to 1,000,000 ₹0.03
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98% Deliverability

Deliverability of 98% We're all mindful of the value of distinguishing between genuine and unverified email addresses. As a result, email marketers, advertisers, and copywriters have been looking for the best tools for how to validate an email address. MALtech provides the most reliable, secure, and adaptable approach with a roughly 98% deliverability rate. Our tool assists you in cleaning your mailing list which helps you to tailor your marketing campaigns.

Reputation Improvement

IP Reputation is everything, and if you care for your company's reputation, we can help you build it by cleaning up your email list. We ensure your emails are seen and you do not send emails to blocked records and waste time.

Data Security

One sentence: Winning your trust is our priority. At MALtech, we highly respect your privacy and the confidentiality of your information. We NEVER share it with a third-party. To ensure that your data is constantly and completely secured, we use secure servers instead of clouds.MALtech sets data privacy laws to protect your data with GDPR compliance.

Save Money

Our pricing model is straightforward. Thankfully, its simplicity and transparency have solidified us as one of the most cost-effective email verification services available. We're trusted by many businesses all over the world because we check, verify, and clean email addresses at an affordable price.


When an email is marked as grey list/unknown, servers cannot determine if it is valid or not. We recommend that you re-upload as a separate list after 30 minutes or 1 hour for re-validation.
Yes, we accept credit card payment.
The following file formats are accepted: TXT, CSV, and XLSX. In the client environment, there is an example of input files in the “Verify New List” section.
No, because it would be a breach of privacy. Marketers devote time to capturing social media appending, which aids them in branding, directly targeting consumers and a variety of other advantages. The people-to-people approach social media makes efforts to stand out, especially when compared with the business-to-business or business-to-consumer approach. That's why, for branding and spreading their business, many marketers prioritize social media. The details are terrifying: most email verification services DO COLLECT YOUR DATA (which is a breach of your privacy) and use it for their purposes. We do not keep or give email addresses to third parties for our personal use.
The Email Validation service from MALtech helps you to verify the validity of email addresses to reduce the number of undelivered emails. This increases your email delivery performance rate while also lowering your bad email reputation, which may lead to your email address being blacklisted.
Our system verifies 1,000+ email addresses in 10-15 minutes, or around 0.0125 minutes per email address (or 0.75 seconds).
No. There is a limit of 1 API per account. Please send your inquiry to if you want to develop a high-volume email verification solution for your customers. We will make every effort to provide a unique solution for you.
Yes, MALtech has enhanced yahoo email address validation. Not only free Yahoo addresses but also business email using Yahoo as an email service.
All other email verifying services usually allow you to download only valid results, or invalid results, or a combination of both. Ours is the only email verification service that offers an Excel file with all the fresh sheets as an output. We provide our clients with well-designed and simple-to-understand excel files so that they can get the most out of the sheet.