MALtech matches the products with the market needs

To stand out in the market, new products and services are expected to offer benefits that meet your customers’ needs. At MALtech, our team is apt in discovering precisely what is expected from the dynamic market. Our specialized research team conducts market research using smart techniques and also supervises detailed R & D through surveys and trend analysis. We are then able to understand what the end-user of your product expects from your product, your service, and your brand.
Who is your most important customer?
What will you offer to keep them loyal?
What path do you want to undertake to fulfill your mission?
How can you do it with your organization’s objectives, resources, and strategy in consideration? These are few important things to keep in mind.

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Understanding Product Development Process

An effective development process for products is primarily segmented into the following key stages:

Generation of a Concept :
At this point, your product is only an idea. Clients invest heavily, hence understanding the purpose is required before conducting the research and development.

Brainstorm and Idea- refinement :
Now is the time our developers brainstorm and phase out one step at a time when they are all on one page with the core team. The magic starts by creating a new product.

Defining the Concept :
Once the ideation is done, we launch your product on paper before developing it using codes. The market potential, design output, technical feasibility must be considered and planned accordingly. This includes competition analysis, observing their strengths and weakness while creating products.

Ideation into Product Development :
Next is to create a prototype product or pilot service to track the position in the procedure timeline.

Assess marketing and concluding the ideation :
The product is now made based on the client’s specifications. Once the product is ready, including every step of the operative functionalities, to fully utilize the product as expected, then the product must be delivered.

Product Launch (in the process): The thorniest stage.
Do set a launch date, predetermine the brand promotion and launch, determine how to sell, promote and support your product or service. Brining it LIVE the first time is important.

After Support :
Once the new product is on the market, the competition is high. We would be more than happy to guide you for any technical glitch and support the needful resolution immediately.

In addition to the above what we emphasize is

Creating a project team

Each and every product requires a dedicated development team.
The team must include people with a variety of skills,
- imaginative and creative person
- a technically proficient worker
- a marketing expert
- someone who can source elements
- someone to comprehend the supply-chain difficulties
All team members must be on the same page and fulfill the objectives committed to the client.

Evolving your ideas

We find a lot of risk factors when developing a new product
To curtail or diminish such risks, the following factors are considered:
⦁ Is your product good enough to meet customers’ specifications? E.g. design, ease of use, and performance benefits.
⦁ How feasible is your product? Will it fit the design, resource, and manufacturing requirements?
⦁ What are the post-product launch goals? How does it favor the business’ vision and meet the strategy outline of your business?