Increase and make Traffic Ticking at MALtech

The hyphen for an ever-changing, fast-paced world firmly believes that the future of marketing is digital, and using a complete range of digital marketing services, will develop a new culture to heighten and maximize your brands’ online expansion.

Search Engine Optimization provides credibility and identity. As you embark on a digital journey, your success will depend on maximizing visibility and working towards creating a great brand presence. This will lead to more leads and customers for your business. Simple navigations, careful headers ad hoc audits offer the viewers easy access to your site, convenience, and optimum clarity. Our Organic portfolio and SEO services will extend an arm to target the right audience on the web. Your website will accomplish results by being as responsive as possible.


World-wide & Multilingual SEO

Pick any geographical destination and win customers across the globe as we augment and improve your website to perform and appear on top for international destinations and countries.

Record Marketing & Local SEO

Get a firm foothold and grip on all local search results and develop your client- base at all brand new locations.

Electronic Trade Gain through SEO

Create your identity and a perma image in the electronic arena with our convolutedly designed invention, expand your network and improve your plan.

Google Forfeit Recovery

Our experts help you revisit and gain 100% from various (Google Panda & Penguin forfeits) so you can recover ranks you have lost with link audit and express white-hat optimization techniques with the support of our SEO experts.

Optimization through APP Store

Understand how to rank your app so it shows on top of your searched category on the play store and increases app downloads by min 40%.

Mobile Phone or Voice Search SEO

It is also necessary to keep in mind while scaling business using voice search as prospective clients do. Optimizing voice search via mobile phone will allow for refined output.

New Business & SEO

When you start a new business, one aims for maximum success online, and however, during the interim, it is crucial to also generate and nurture competent leads with SEO consulting and strategic planning for any small commerce.

Link Generating Services

Reach to the top of Google Ranks for your targeted keywords as our top industry SEO experts generate high-quality niche backlinks to your site.

Get Free SEO Audit


  • A comprehensive analysis is performed based on SEO, content, and accessibility. This is steered over 75 criteria to understand and analyze minute snags or hurdles that need prior action and attention to mend and improve SEO.

  • What influences the business is the level of competitiveness and identifying the pain points or challenges. A brainstorming session helps you funnel down the apposite outcome and determine what works best for your brand.

  • One of the most reliable and germane processes is conducting a technical audit. This gives you exactly clear issues that keep your site away from ranking and gives insights for best practices that accelerate your website ranking and analytics.

  • Every Keyword research comprises identifying an assemblage of keywords that will be used in SEO. This step is critical and needs an extensive measure of time. This step helps to collect the valid and invalid points of your website. It is usually conducted after deep research is done to spot the areas that need work.