About Us

MALtech specializes in technological and IT-related services such as product engineering, warranty management, building cloud, infrastructure, network, etc.

The services that MALtech runs can be subdivided according to the skills utilized to deliver results. These are classified in 3 main categories: Application services, Infrastructure services and Business Process services.

    Our Mission:

  • To offer our clients service that defines excellence
    Build finest products, exemplify processes that inspire and implement the right solution.

  • Our Vision:

  • Be the most preferred technology partner
    Have universal access to innovation, development and drive a new era of upsurge growth and productivity for our clients.

Our Company Values

We foster best practices and values to maintain exceptional product development and service delivery across all levels:

  • Individuality [Be the brand ambassador – be you]

  • Integrity [Define success with commitment]

  • Ownership [Own a problem; Solve a challenge]

  • Consistency [Provide service that is unparalleled and collective]

Our Career Opportunities:

  • Impactful career – progressive development
  • Maltech operates nationally and globally supported by huge talent pool at all levels. We encourage skilled talent at every stage of their career, right from freshers, entry level through till extremely experienced industry leaders.
  • Products Organization
  • Maltech’s Product Organization support and development is based on ground-breaking innovative technology.
  • Operational Sales
  • Operational Sales Associates offer resolutions to facilitate clients, discover various ways to influence data, and upkeep the existing relationship.
  • Corporate Roles
  • Right from Accounts, Development, Auditing, Resource Management and Legal Support, we recruit professionals in various units and market segments to drive our business.
  • University Hiring
  • Launch an innovative career at Maltech.

What do we do?

Our unique design process is tailored to start ups and well-established companies who want to mark their achievements. We master our skills and offer solutions with a strategic focus to deliver results. We are known as SEO Mavericks –that defines it all. We authenticate design leap meaning we can reiterate and authenticate each of our work swiftly and share our development with target users, clients and industry partners.

Become our partner

We invite you to associate with us on a voyage of increasing progress and delivery. Deliver new features, operative products, customer benefits and business values on an accelerating pace. Together, let us help our customers and associates achieve their short and long term targets and sync all plans, strategies and objectives in line.

Need a hand?

Our expert support team is available at all time, 24/7 to resolve any problems that may rise. We work cohesively to create projects ahead of time and amenably keep our customers updated on each process step during the product development.

Challenges are just opportunities in disguise. Take the challenge!

We excel in delivering optimal solutions.

Warranty Management IT

Our service offers customer experience through secure & highly functional end-to-end warranty management.

Product Engineering & Services

We prefer product development through periodical and frequent improvement, testing, refining and resolving every version.

Quality Control System

It is important to us to gain customer trust with a highly reliable quality control system with robust documentation.

Infrastructure Integration Technology

At MALtech, we have a comprehensive and coherent methodology towards center modernization to involve mechanical and industrial advancement.

Highly Professional Staffs

Our staff, armed with official and formal training in IT technology and in technical fields, is capable of handling works professionally.

Information Security Management

As information security is always a concerning issue, our processes and management are here to protect and enhance your security needs. We’re here and we’re secure.