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11 SMS Marketing Strategies to Grow your Business

Every day, people spend about 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phones. Many businesses are improving their SMS marketing strategies considering this. You can consider how you, as an entrepreneur, can use text messaging to reach out to clients and increase income at your company.

SMS marketing is when you communicate with your customers via text messages. This method is fantastic for establishing trust, increasing sales, and communicating with your subscribers.

Here are a few ways to reach out to your target market using corporate text messaging services.

1. Become acquainted with the TCPA Guidelines

Review the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) before starting your SMS Marketing campaign. TCPA is a law that protects customers against unsolicited calls and instant messages, as well as methods for preventing your instant messages from being mistaken as spam.

2. Make an attractive offer to your customers

Sending offers to subscribers is the most common way to use your SMS strategy to increase sales. It’s important to remember that you should only send promotional messages to people who have opted into your instant messaging program.

Depending on your sector, your promos will change. There are, however, a variety of strategies to entice your SMS users to take advantage. When creating an SMS campaign, it’s great to include unique links. You’ll get additional information on deals and conversions, as well as a better understanding of how subscribers interact with your offers.

3. Keep your texts brief, personalized, and to the point

Cutting extensive marketing communications down to size shows that you value your subscribers’ time. The length of an SMS message is limited to 160 characters. In 160 characters or fewer, catch their attention with a brief, customized, and simple yet plain message, and finish with a CTA.

Send more relevant and targeted messages to your target audience based on their gender, age, location, activities, or inclinations, and build long-term consumer loyalty. You may use it to your advantage and make SMS the most effective mode of communication.

4. Include a clear call-to-action in your message

Use a clear call-to-action in your letter to encourage your subscribers to take that important step. As a well-organized SMS marketing campaign is capable of greater conversion rates, make sure your call-to-actions are spectacular and goal-oriented.

5. When appropriate, use photos and MMS

For your SMS texts, include something other than text. Images, vouchers, videos, and other entertaining content can be used to reach your subscribers. Images may help your SMS marketing campaigns stand out and encourage your users to take action. To report an upcoming deal, create an eye-catching image. Adding graphics to SMS Marketing can help you raise interest in your product, drive sales, and increase shares.

6. Text-messaging initiatives that are automated

Create time-saving automated instant messages and campaigns. Prepare your messages ahead of time and send them at regular intervals (like upon membership or after a deal). As a result, watch your engagement and revenue rise!

7. Users should not be bombarded

Make sure your subscribers don’t feel bombarded with messages at inconvenient times or trapped in a subscription. Sending many messages to your subscribers can only lead to them unsubscribing from your texting list. When you’re planning your messages, give them a lot of thought.

If feasible, be open about your planned recurrence and stick to it after they opt-in. Text during normal business hours and be clear about what your subscribers may expect from your program. Individuals will feel less compelled to respond “STOP” in this manner.

Make your SMS Marketing campaign more effective by sending texts just when they’re needed and limiting the number of texts you send to a specific number.

8. Improve the customer service experience

By responding to your subscribers’ questions and concerns via instant messages, you and your subscribers will save time. Whether you send them a text to let them know their request is being processed or to inform them you’ve scheduled or booked a meeting with them for a specified time, messaging may be an immense help in terms of customer service.

9. Provide a way to unsubscribe

The last thing you want to worry about is your audience abandoning your program; making it simple for them to do so will encourage them to read your content from the start.

Making it simple for subscribers to cancel. You can provide this option by including an unsubscribe link in your mail or responding with “STOP” in your message.

10. Send out a reminder

Finally, SMS may remind subscribers about upcoming events hosted by your company. If you host a webinar weekly, send out a reminder an hour before the start time. This will inform subscribers that a special occasion is approaching, giving them time to relax and prepare for the launch of your online course.

You can also use online media to provide reminders about upcoming activities. Because most of us have busy lives, these small reminders are an excellent approach to keep people excited by your company.

11. Don’t overlook the analytics

It’s critical to track the success of your SMS marketing campaigns if you want to expand your business. When looking for business messaging software, seek features that measure messaging volume so you can figure out when your clients are likely to communicate. Consider using tools with keyword reporting to help you figure out which keywords have a greater response rate and better engagement.

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