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Technology & Marketing for B2B

The advancement of digital technology is incomplete without strong marketing support. The world that we know today is an age of Artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and Machine learning. Our dependence on application-based software utility services and the ever-evolving technological advancement is made accessible to the masses by a robust technology marketing trend. Digital marketing trends for B2B technology companies are high on demand and it is here to stay in this decade & beyond. Technology marketing companies have achieved profound success in this field.

In this article, we shall discuss the marketing trends adopted by these top-of-the-line technology marketing companies and how we can take this team together to achieve scalable yields.

Are our B2B colleagues experiencing increased Usage of Visuals?

It is a fact that what we visualize with our eyes leaves a lasting impact on our minds. The same theory applies when we plan digital marketing strategies for technology-based B2B companies. Researches have shown that introducing eye-catching images in a piece of information increases the understanding of the subject from 70 to 90%.

Technology-based marketing companies often resort to extensive use of graphics, photos, and videos to make impactful communication with the clients. The method of effective usage of visuals is adopted to create content that helps the probable purchaser to get educated about the product. The usage of interesting and effective visual resources keeps the technology marketing companies ahead of the competition, makes a positive impression among the clients and the financiers such as graphics, texts, when created with precision and focus, is a great contented message for the companies and are more likely to be distributed widely in social channels and mediums.

Is every content the right content?

Technology marketers have put maximum emphasis on creating the right content for their audience. Various research data has revealed that before deciding on a purchase, 50% of the customers would first try to view 3/5 pieces of the content. It is noticed that marketing companies who emphasize blogging are more likely to see a positive response from customers. Effective social media platforms like LinkedIn help companies to engage with the client by uploading good content. Over 50% of B2B marketers have visual content as their primary marketing strategy.

Podcasts, Blogs and Vlogs, webinars, and podcasts are the major tools that help to increase the content production output. B2B technology marketers always advocate quality over quantity. It is advisable to progress and improve in quality over time so that the search engines like Google and others find it as a value pick and of the right length and original nature.

Approachable and receptive User Experience

With every passing year, the advancement of interactive technology has revolutionized customer behavior. The advent of voice assistant technology like Alexa & Siri has transformed customer experience to a different level. Such use of human interactive technology has replaced touch point and feature acentric approaches. Today we have a wide choice of well-designed sites, third-party applications, chatbots, notification devices, and voice interface features that have enabled flawless interaction with customers An increasing number of smart devices and wireless connection, touch screens, and voice commands, customers are more likely to use voice to command and complete their tasks.

Make your Mobile adaptable

All of us are well versed with smart accessories especially the smart device we use as our lifeline–Our Mobile phones, they have no statistics, yet they are there everywhere in conferences webinar, meetings, negotiations, evaluation, search guides, tele directory, and the list goes on and on. What does the world study reveal? Over 50% of the B2B–related questions are answered on smartphones and this will bloat up to another 25% with less than 6 months. A slight pause or buffering can annoy any mobile viewer and impact 7% negatively. People between 12 to 65 years of age are all heavy users and contribute 91% for watching videos on their handset rather than on Desktop or television.

Is your website compatible with mobile phones? Are you particular to check your emails and test them every 24 hours?

What is your load time- as per Google, 53% of mobile users hang up or leaves the page if it takes over 3 sec to upload? Now when the email is the most used engagement tool and communication medium in our B2B arena, open rates of.Emails are still dominated by desktops–but wait and watch the numbers will soon change and mobile will lead the way for a new generation? Are you working hard to match the pace and make your mobile efficiency rate? If you have not given it a thought–it is the right time now.

Product or software

An interactive game is more inviting than any static content PR graphic online–this is what the game developers are increasingly generating leads and drawing commendable high traffic. This immensely helps a low–performing and converting traffic can be boosted using some connective lead captures.We must stop thinking about customization options and instead customize a POS software solution. This is what gamification software work upon and witnesses a high turnover which is 4 times more than usual Sales marketing.

Segmentation for email marketing

Applicable and appropriate technology is playing a great role and influencing B2B technology, such as IoT purchase (Internet of things). It is noticed that ¾ of the executives lack technical skill, yet require buy-in from chase–order 0 seal deals, so segmenting email campaigns for different stakeholders and target audiences is important and thus if we wish to reach our target, our marketing automation processes will keep progressing ahead.

Build a brand, your audience will connect to 

Brand presence is of utmost influence. Almost 39% of B2B buying decisions are driven by the brand and how it is marketed in the world. The more influential it is, the more it strengthens the decision-making process. The Brand is the one segment of your entire marketing that holds the fort and in an ecosystem like the current scenario; it is the brand that established credibility and bonds with your audience.

An impressive and reputed brand helps hold clients for years, and this is for the long haul. If you want to convert your lead to a customer, try influential marketing tactics, play smart and position your cations well.

B2B Marketing Technology Mounds yet functions in the best interest of our clients. Invest in technology to create a heap where over one platform performs multiple tasks e.g. Social media development, or simply data analytics, one for online reputation (NPS) software. All this requires a smart arrangement to select which platform suits your requirement the best.

Are we all convincing ourselves to convert new customers faster with the use of apt technology?

Are we trying to do a result-driven activity to engage customers?

Are we trying to understand where our prospective audience lies?

Are our stats ready?

If we have Plan B ready, we must turn around and initiate Plan B if Plan A fail. Time is money and to make money, marketing the right way with technology by its side is the call of the hour.

Let us think and jot down where we stand? Where do we want to go? How will you integrate technology with marketing and how will your implementation be? Slow down and lay the groundwork with a strategy. It will pay off in the long run.

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