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Top UI/UX Design trends for 2021

UX/UI design trends have changed dramatically as a result of the rise of virtual and remote working cultures. Users visit a lot of websites every day, therefore businesses must use extra creativity to get their attention. To keep customers on their websites, business visionaries focus on their visual appeal and ease of use. To stay in the game, they keep an eye on the most recent UI trends. It is critical for a UX/UI designer to be informed about these always-changing trends.

In this blog, we’ll go over the top UX/UI trends for 2021.


Icons are a great way to communicate with users visually. The use of simple, modest iconography is regarded as a fantastic UX trend. It has to do with their ability to convey meaning in less amount of space than words.

As a result, many businesses place a premium on icons. We recommend using symbols from the same family. They must be the same size and dimension. Such consistency will demonstrate your competence as well as the integrity of your website.

Instead of making it more difficult for consumers to find what they’re looking for, icons assist them in quickly perceiving an activity, an order, or a specific state.

As a result, we should be cautious about how we design our symbols and trademarks in the future.


Although 3D has been around for a few years, it will have its chance to make history in 2021. Despite some drawbacks in terms of memory usage, 3D is becoming increasingly popular in mobile and web applications.

Adobe XD could also have an impact on the upcoming 3D aspects in designs. It also showed off a new function dubbed 3D Transforms, which might give future designs a new perspective.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence continues to be incorporated into nearly every product. In reality, it will benefit and facilitate the work of designers. As a result of AI’s data gathering capacity, designers will see more personalized things that are 100% uniquely designed to everyone prerequisite.

Users will become familiar with products based on their behavior, which will aid in creating a personalized user experience. Designers will focus on offering smoother experiences rather than designing a large number of onboarding windows.


The glass impact appears to be on the mend, and we should expect to see more of it in 2021. Glassmorphic components are becoming increasingly popular. On an interface, these glass-like clear pieces provide a distinct chain of importance.

The blurred impact or fuzzy background is the source of this tendency. When people gaze at such an element, it appears as if they are looking through a window.


We now see a lot of websites that are entirely dependent on typography. They appear to be vibrant and amusing. A bold typeface is one of the simplest methods for attracting customers’ attention.

With a direct and proactive approach, bold typography is establishing deep roots and will continue to fill in 2021. Every designer understands the significance of selecting the appropriate typeface for a website or application. Customers usually associate a font family with a well-known brand.

Font family analyses have been one of the most notable UI design trends for grabbing the attention of customers. Today’s web designers make extensive use of sophisticated typography. They make an effort to highlight vital information and pass it on to clients.

Nowadays, we frequently come across websites that are entirely oriented toward typography. They appear to be fresh and interesting.

Voice User Interface

The use of voice and air gestures to control devices is becoming more prevalent. Because of its broad application in UX/UI design, interaction with speech UIs has resurfaced as a UX trend.

Speech is one of the most common methods for people to collaborate, and the innovations that enable it to improve are always being developed. An internal interface is the voice interface. It’s more about context and data than it is about design. By the way, designers are aiming to keep up with the latest user experience trends by providing users with a voice interface on a more regular basis.

Augmented Reality

Google and Apple have successfully demonstrated their augmented reality development platforms, ARCore and AEKit, which combine the physical and digital worlds.

Begin expanding your knowledge as a designer with the next AR UI kits. You may also want to think about the context and purpose of AR experiences carefully.

As a designer, you must consider the fact that you will need to prepare and begin learning new tools. In the coming years, the ability to design augmented reality interfaces and 3D components may become useful expertise.

Virtual Reality

In the virtual reality (VR) arena, there are many possibilities for improving and creating new experiences. There are a lot of games coming to VR platforms.

Because of the impact, it has on clients, we may call it the web of experiences. Virtual reality headsets provide the majority of the thrills for gamers. It would also be a fantastic opportunity to improve educational connections, especially during the lockdown.

Designers should pay special attention to the possibilities for creating virtual collaboration spaces. At the same time, we must keep in mind that not every user will have a VR headset, therefore we must consider a blended approach.

Pastel colors

Designers will utilize gently hued colors, open landscapes, and ethereal color palettes to represent a more hopeful future vision in their works because today is the day of moderation and simple website design. They emphasize the design’s softness along these lines.

Such tones work well with a variety of concepts.


Flat design and skeuomorphism are combined in neumorphic. It’s a visual style that combines colors, forms, gradients, and shadows to ensure the graphic intensity of components. All of this allows for a delicate, ejected plastic look and almost 3D style.

It is extremely popular among some UI designers, even though most UX professionals believe the opposite.

The fundamental requirements of usability aren’t compatible with a neumorphic UI. There aren’t many real-world applications built on top of this design. However, in terms of design, it is great and futuristic. As a result, there’s a probability that Neumorphic UI will be used more in 2021.

Final thoughts

Pick and combine many trends to succeed when it comes to creating a spectacular and drawing-in UI.

At MALtech, we are unwavering in our belief that the primary goal of UI/UX design is to aid customers in achieving their goals. As a result, when developing our products, we keep track of the most recent UI and UX trends.

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