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Why Is Growth Hacking Important for a Start-up?

The experience that challenges the enterprises in various ways to increase their rank in Google is simply one of the simplest examples of growth hacking.

Differing from the universal belief, it is time to reboot the thought. Growth hacking is not a newly discovered model; it simply is a paraphrased terminology. Implement SEO of your website to scale up on the search results? Yes, that was your first step to growth hacking my friend.

Today, the most common contest that is faced by Startups at their initial phase is how to reach the mass and build a solid and authentic customer base.

Unfortunately, many Startups find it intimidating when they face big brands; wherever they look, they find them there. These big brands are there with a dominant presence and with high organic search engine ranks. They use the right keywords punched perfectly in seamless harmony; their Ad words projection exceeds their actuals. Hold on-that is just one side of the success story.

Not every startup transcends success- this is true. There are hundreds of Startups that have stood firm steadily grown into multi-disciplinary firms that pride themselves on integrity, sustainability, and innovation. The business must emerge from a sensitive understanding of the content; one where the evolution of services and products are firmly rooted while interpreting the elements in technology and marketing context.

Start-Ups can stand against the big guys; one must believe in one’s ability

Though Growth hacking for start-ups might sound simple, but in real terms, it might not be that easy to conduct growth hacking on your own. Arguably this is a newly coined term and there is a dilemma in thought.

Let us understand

What is growth hacking?

How to conduct growth hacking?

Importance of Growth Hacking and

How do growth hackers implement to anchor a start-up into the territories of Big Businesses?

What is growth hacking?

In simple terms, it is a systematic process to express, experiment through multiple marketing mediums and products to identify key factors. These factors are instrumental in accelerating your business growth in the most effective and efficient way.

How to conduct Growth hacking?

You need a well-planned strategy and creative tactics to build your brand and its awareness. The more effectively you conduct your business; you reach a larger audience within a stipulated time, and thus growth hacking makes your dream come true.

Importance of growth hacking

Assume you are planning to launch a new product or introduce a new service vertical. With the response you received in the initial phase your efforts were appreciated and the product liked by the customers. Now, what’s next? Will these customers hold on to your product or service for a prolonged time? What if they lose interest and find something that is more engaging? How can you make these customers your trusted clients? This is why growth hacking is important. The prime objective of growth hackers is to find various strategies that you can implement to retain your clients.

Growth Gurus or growth hackers are intellectual individuals with higher analytical understanding; they have a unique perspective to look at opportunities and threats and are competent to find what they are looking for. They are best at using the right tool to dig the treasures across the Internet and identify the perfect audience for your business. They are specialists in going beyond and picking the buying trends, their internet usage pattern and decode the pattern which helps them to collate and create strategies that work best for your enterprise or brand.

Growth Hackers cross unexplored grounds; they critically analyze and classify unexploited prospects in various market segments which can be penetrated by your product and services easily. They create ‘out of the box’ publicizing and promotional tactics that will create a “wow” marketing experience for your target audience.

Small Business organizations and upcoming enterprises these days call themselves ‘growth hackers’. This does not mean they are experts in bringing traffic to their website automatically or are famous brands? Growth hacking is a special skill, not a quality that aids in strategizing the value-added market trends, analyzing internet users’ patterns, and goes beyond what we call limitations to gain results. With regular penetration and efforts, you will build an audience and drive potential traffic to scale up your start-up.

What are the key hack points that growth hackers implement to anchor a start-up into the territories of Big Businesses?

  • Use Funded Acquisition–This is simple yet effective–try using paid options such as Google AdWords, online advertisements, FB adverts, or LinkedIn ads to attract the customer’s attention towards startup services and products (if any).
  • Social Acquisition–Try to boost your subscribers ‘words of mouth’ share your business page with the potential users and you may offer them incentives to keep them encouraged and motivated.
  • A/B testing and Analytics–This technique is helpful to increase the conversion percentage for your startup.

The above three measures offer positive yields of utilizing growth hacking against other marketing tactics. Your business will see accelerated growth and an upsurge amongst the customers. Growth Hackers using various combinations of the above hack points and combine them analytically with SEO, email, and other marketing and sale strategy to lift sales and client engagement.

One of the prime reasons, growth hackers, can scale a Start-up business right from the first phase. Sometimes Search Engine Optimization alone has affected its online business existence. It also can boost sales but practically does not guarantee a fixed number. A/B testing and analytics bridge the gap in this. Funded or paid acquisitions strengthen mass popularity and even cement brand awareness.

Growth Hacking has opened up avenues for lean start-ups to initiate great marketing yields at a reasonable cost.

Nowadays social media is the happening thing, growth marketers plan their strategies around techniques that assure “express-growth” and match budget results. A Growth Marketer is a person who can balance and match perfect marketing and technical skills and is a result-driven person.

Few techniques that offshoot growth hacking are:

  • Aiming niche groups through social forums
  • Personalized email lists
  • Search Engine Optimization and organic search
  • Content promotion
  • Regular blogging and podcasts
  • Web campaigns
  • Web bookmarking and broadcasting content
  • Apt Social media targeting using FB and Google ads

It is a marketing measure that is practiced by using technology advantages to ensure products are well marketed at a reasonable cost. This is done using sensible analytical ideas, social media metrics, and innovative techniques. The collected measure of Growth Hacking differs from the traditional marketing practices, which depend on offline marketing, collateral, billboard advertisements, print media, TV, and more.

Since growth hackers are well versed in technology, content mapping, analytical marketing, and Search Engine optimization; they use creative skills for the formulation of strategies and plan low-cost and inventive methods to reach the set target.

Smart startups can benefit the most using growth hacking. Well, we do not indicate that well-established firms are crossed out. Small businesses and start-ups usually have a tight budget and constrained expense plans hence growth hacking techniques will highly resonate with them with a reasonable share of the market, which would help them sustain and progress. Established firms have budgets that can be splurged in the mainstream medium and are constrain free, hence growth hackers prove beneficial for all mid and small-budget businesses and start-up brands.

That concludes the thought of investing low and scale reasonable yield.

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